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Mediavolo Unaltered Empire CD

Mediavolo Unaltered Empire CD 154019
Number 154019
Band/Artist Mediavolo
Title Unaltered Empire
Format CD
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(12/08) Ref: Cocteau Twins, Kate Bush, Blonde Redhead, Radiohead - Style: Pop rock waveFirst edition of 1'000 copies coming in digipak with booklet. A subtl 'Brit' sound! This is the third album by this French band, that well deserves international fame.How can one imagine that Mediavolo is French with such an British sound!? Quality of melodies, an elegant & dandy rock sound and a bewitching voiceremininding Kate Bush. Mediavolo plays with 70's & 80's sounds to create a kind of melancolic and ethereal rock that could remind Radiohead.Already Mediavolo's sound is unique but the beautiful voice of Geraldine makes the real difference. Sometimes lyrical or sweet like velvet, Geraldine's voice soundslike an angel fell down on earth. Inspired by 'the Metamorphosis' of Kafka, 'Unaltered Empire' tells us the story of a woman who turns into a butterfly.She'll be confronted to people's reject but she'll accept her wings to finally fly away in the sky.An elegant music tinted with melancholic feelings but also with hope like a tiny tale by Tim Burton.

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Number 154019