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Ambiguous Stone Cross CD

Ambiguous Stone Cross CD 158511
Item 158511
Band/Artist Ambiguous
Title Stone Cross
Format CD
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(05/10) This year's winter had quite strong and freeze roots, which has taken its cold into the wombs of this new Slovak project, which has with its charisma found a place in our family. With this aliens production opens next phase and brings this time horrifying and darker form of Slovak deep dark terror. Mystical, deep project covered with mystery, in which protagonist combines beautiful moods in combination with destroying, almost after death atmospheres and out of space surfaces, which are covered with a veil of mystery. Soundtrack for the movie in other surface, cleaning for the soul or look into imaginary world, that is the best escape from the reality. Real, Slovak dark ambient, that will take you through dark corners of Slovak woods. A certain choice for fans of: Cold meat industry, Malignant records, Cyclic law, Arsbenevolamater... Limited edition 333 copies and exclusive metal packaging...

Item 158511

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Item 158511