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Angelspit Hideous & Perfect CD

Angelspit Hideous & Perfect CD 156180
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Band/Artist Angelspit
Title Hideous & Perfect
Format CD
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(09/09) Hailed as being one of the most innovative new industrial bands, Angelspit return with their new album Hideous And Perfect, a confronting audio visual statement set to corrupt listeners the world over.
Hideous And Perfect promises to be Angelspit's darkest release to date with its sonic textures ranging from hard pounding beats, to organic atmospheric samples, topped off by a feverishly powerful male and female dual vocal assault.
The duo's sonic exploration and creative process took them out of the studio, as they recorded much of the album's pounding industrial percussion at an abandoned shipping yard in Sydney Harbor.
They fashioned and sampled handmade acoustic and electronic instruments, imparting a unique organic sonic texture to Hideous And Perfect, while also giving a nod to the experimental roots of industrial music.
Hideous And Perfect is a vicious concoction of industrial guitar riffs, clever hooks and pathologically disturbed synths. Consisting of 12 harsh, heavy and deliberate tracks set to self destruct, Hideous And Perfect is challenging as it is catchy. The cyber punk track ''Ditch The Rest'' opens the album, with its crunching malicious guitars and aggressive percussion setting the dynamic for the rest of the album.
''Cold Hard Cash'' follows combining deceptively sweet vocals with grinding rhythms and anarchic synth melodies. The tracks range from the hypnotic pounding analogue hell of ''Sleep Now,'' to the elegantly deranged ''Let Them Eat Distortion'' and to ''Fuck the Revolution's'' brutal and unforgettable rock and roll trip to insanity.
Cinematically chilling instrumental tracks provide some respite from the album's intense mood. Zoog and Destroyx's turbulent vocal onslaught deals thematically with an apathetic cashed up society who are simply 'bored to death'.
Angelspit's double edged lyrics can be poetically poignant, at other times witty, but are at all times severely potent. Angelspit's aesthetic concept is equally as iconic as their musical statement, as they continue to develop their fierce design and fashion aesthetic.
Visually arresting photography and bold typography characterizes the album's striking artwork making Hideous And Perfect a defining album of the industrial genre.

01 Ditch The Rest
02 Cold Hard Cash
03 Fink
04 Fuck The Revolution
05 On Earth
06 Making Money
07 Sleep Now
08 Channel Hell
09 Let Them Eat Distortion
10 Hyperlust
11 Princess Chaos
12 As it is In Heaven

Item 156180

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