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Das Merman Tief in der Nacht MCD

Das Merman Tief in der Nacht MCD 155569
Item 155569
Band/Artist Das Merman
Title Tief in der Nacht
Format MCD
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(05/09) Irgendwo zwischen Industrial und Yello

DAS Merman proudly presents their debut CD EP, featuring five tracks that will summon the powers of techno, both ancient and futuristic, to irritate your loved ones...or work them into a dancing frenzy. TIEF IN DER NACHT was released with one goal in mind, but DAS Merman has forgotten what that goal was, so simply sit back and chant along with these German-laden ditties, guaranteed to make you move-- either on the darkened dance floor of your favorite electronic club, or in your living room as you lunge for the volume control on your stereo system. The quirky attitude and creative sounds of classic Yello take on a modern electronic edge, and that is the sound of DAS Merman...at least theoretically.

01 Tief in der Nacht
02 Der Schmerz
03 Kalt
04 Das Firmament
05 Tief in der Nacht (Extended)

Item 155569

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Item 155569