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Ministry Side Trax CD

Ministry Side Trax CD 574823
Item 574823
Band/Artist Ministry
Title Side Trax
Format CD
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(10/04) Tracks von MINISTRY Side-Projekten wie PAILHEAD, 1000 Homo DJs, PTP und Acid Horse. Pailhead sind Al Jourgensen und Ian MacKaye von FUGAZI und MINOR THREAT. 1000 Homo DJs sind u.a. TRENT REZNOR und JELLO BIAFRA.

01 Man Should Surrender
02 Anthem
03 Don't Stand in Line
04 Ballad
05 I Will Refuse (from 12'')
06 No Bunny (from 12'')
1000 HOMO DJS:
07 Apathy (from 12'')
08 Better Ways (from 12'')
09 Supernaut (from 12'')
10 Hey Asshole (from 12'') (Jello Biafra on vox)
11 Rubber Glove Seduction (from 12'')(featuring Chris Connelly on Vox)
12 Favorite Things (from 12'') (featuring Al Jourgensen on Vox)
13 Show Me Your Spine (From Robo Cop) ? Previously Unreleased (Ogre from Skinny Puppy on Vox)
14 No Name No Slogan - Luxa/Pan 12'' Mix (Ministry)
15 No Name No Slogan - Cabaret Voltaire 12'' Mix

Item 574823

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Item 574823