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Spectrum Forever Alien CD

Spectrum Forever Alien CD 136529
Number 136529
Band/Artist Spectrum
Title Forever Alien
Format CD
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(2004) Deep beneath the flowing analogue synths, the aching filter and the warped lyrical nous of Spectrum, lies a genius that drive the legendary SPACEMEN 3 to their furthest extremes, the same genius that takes EXPERIMENTAL AUDIO RESEARCH beyond all our tripped-out fantasies and now, with ''FOREVER ALIEN'' the genius that is SONIC BOOM has created one of his finest collections of hypnotic, blissed-out, experimental perfection to date. From the brooding opening strains of the single ''Feels like I'm slipping away'' through the hypnotic wonder of the likes of ''Owsley'' and ''Like'', the oriental refrains of ''The Enid'' and closing self explanatory minimalism o ''Sine Study'', this is by far the most complete offering yet from Spectrum-ised version of the Spacemen classic ''How Does It Feel''.

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Number 136529