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Various Artists / Sampler A Different Mix 6 CD

Various Artists / Sampler A Different Mix 6 CD 154150
Number 154150
Band/Artist Various Artists / Sampler
Title A Different Mix 6
Format CD
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(02/09) This is the sixth installment in a series that focuses on different remixers within the synthpop underground.
The first five volumes have been sold-out for several years, becoming rarities for collectors.
This sixth installment is limited to 500 units worldwide and features previously unreleased remixes produced by Todd Durrant, the man behind A Different Drum's label.

01 Midnight Resistance ''A Tear In Every Moment (Crybaby)''
02 Information Society ''Burning Bridges (Old School)''
03 Distorted Reality ''Something Wicked (Extended Nightmare)''
04 Neuroactive feat. Rename ''Blindness is Never Enough (Nearsighted)''
05 Eternity Range ''Last Flight (Concord)''
06 Color Theory ''Behind the Rhine (Overflow)''
07 Pristina ''The Ides of May (Heatwave)''
08 Rename ''Maybe Later I Will Fall (Tragically Long Mix)''
09 Saudade ''Bad Dreams''

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Number 154150