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Various Artists / Sampler Electronic Fields CD

Various Artists / Sampler Electronic Fields CD 112885
Number 112885
Band/Artist Various Artists / Sampler
Title Electronic Fields
Format CD
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(1996) Synthie-Pop Perlen und Klassiker!
01 Forgiving Iris (Annie, Would I lie To You)
02 Statemachine (Music From The End Of The World - Constipated)
03 Mesh (I Don't Think They Know)
04 KieTheVez (Nothing I Can Do - Radio Edit)
05 Mobile Homes (Afraid)
06 Children Within (Guidelines)
07 Dark Voices (Get You Closer - Radio Edition)
08 Syntec (It's A Lie)
09 Kliche (Rope On Your Back)
10 Laura Effect (Comes With Love - The Mix)
11 All For One (The Reciever)
12 Distain! (Strange Affection)
13 Avant Garde (Everytime)
14 Seven Red Seven (Electrique)
15 Second Decay (Nouvelle Vogue).

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Number 112885