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Various Artists / Sampler Hypnotic Hypersonic 2CD

Various Artists / Sampler Hypnotic Hypersonic 2CD 579726
Number 579726
Band/Artist Various Artists / Sampler
Title Hypnotic Hypersonic
Format 2CD
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01 Claire Voyant (Love The Giver Live)
02 Ophelia's Dream (Fall Of The House)
03 Love Is Colder Than Death (Spellbound)
04 Stoa (My Inner Labyrinth)
05 Chandeen (Strawberry Passion Extended Version)
06 Stella Maris (Cantara)
07 April Nine (Hey)
08 Anchorage (Caprice)
09 Amygdala (Dream Come Bye)
10 Love Like Blood (Phrases Retraced Edit Remix)
11 Tors Of Dartmoor (Waterking 1998 Remix)
12 Arts & Decay (Mescal)
13 Autopsia (Erwachen des Waldes)
14 Cancer Barrack (Suicide Kills)
15 Project Pitchfork (Animal Remix)
16 Evils Toy (Organics Remix)
17 Calva Y Nada (Leben Sterben-Remix)
18 Die Form (Phenomena Of Visitation Video-Mix)
19 Technogod (We Don't Need This Fascist Groove Thing)
20 Digital Factor (Falling Down Update 97)
21 A Split Second (Bury Me In Your Heart Apoptygma Remix)
22 Re/Act (Deep Space Surveillance Remix)
23 Silence Gift (Morning Light Special Contribution)
24 Flowers Of Romance 8Channel Z Headbanga Mix)
25 Vlad (In This World)
26 Taras Bulba (Shiva Talks To Brahma)

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Number 579726