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Glossary and explanations

CD full CD-album
2CD Double-CD or 2 CDs
3CD Tripple-CD or 3 CDs
MCD Maxi-CD or CD-Single, sometimes mini-album or ep
MD Mini-Disc
SCD CD single
DVD Digital Versatile Disc
LP album record (Vinyl)
2LP double album record (Vinyl)
7" single (Vinyl), 7-inch
2x7" double-single (Vinyl), 7-inch
10" mini-record with 25 cm or 10-inch (Vinyl)
12" Maxi-Single (Vinyl), 12-inch
MC music-Casette
TS T-Shirt mostly in one size only (XL)
LS longsleeve shirt mostly in one size only (XL)
BOX a special package and mostly limited
CAL calendar for the wall
POSTER mostly in an extra roll without a fold!
VIDEO Video in PAL/VHS system
NTSC US-norm, not useable for any videoplayer
BOOK book in englisch wordings
BUCH book in german wordings
MAG magazin or newspaper, in different languages
C/O cut out, cover is cut
LOC neutral, plain cover with just a whole
TOC tears on cover (second hand)
WOC words on cover
PROMO Special editon for DJs or the radio, normaly not for sale!
??? something special, will be explained in the text
(11/14) release date month / year (mm/jj)
500.000-999.999 item number higher than 500.000: rarity or just one copy in stock. Sometimes 2nd hand but with very good quality (mint) for collectors.