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Here are some short explanations for our search engine and the shop navigation:

Our search engine looks for everything: band, names, titles, infos, tracklistings, release dates, ...
The hits are listed in alphabetic order. Here are some proposals for a test or for further ideas:

LP - find all longplay records on vinyl, also double-LPs (2LP, 3LP, ...)
CD - find all CDs, also Maxi-CDs or Mini-CDs (MCD) or Single-CDs (SCD)
DVD - find all DVDs
Gahan - find all items that are in a relation to Dave Gahan
bong34 - find all releases with the Mute-catalog-number "BONG34".
love - find all items which includes the word "love" in the name, title, infotext or in one song.
123456 - find the item with the 6 digits of its item number.
gogo2912 - The name of a special offer selection.
auf Lager! - find all the items that are in stock right now!
27.09.2014! - find all new releases that will be released on monday the 27.09.2014.

The items of the search result can be clicked. On the item page you can find all the informations. The bandname, title of the record, format (CD, LP, DVD, ...), a picture (mostly) and an information text with everything we know about this item. Sorry but most of our info text is printed in german language. But most of the informations you also will understand. A short hint for you: The numbers in the beginning is the real release date:
(2013) released in the year 2013 for the first time
(06/03) released in june 2003

Below the description you can find a button to put the item in your cart (or shopping bag).

At the right side of the page you can find some helpful links. For example a complete list of the artist only.

If you need more informations, please send an email with your questions. Normally we will answer it straight away within a few minutes (or at least within 24 hours).

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