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Partner program

Earn money with links to :

No matter whether band, label, club or our customer, everybody, who has a home page of his own, can earn money by links to us now. It doesn't matter, what was interlinked. A commission will be paid on everything which the customer orders (and of course also has paid) if he comes about your link into our webshop.

The commission amounts flatly to 5%. It will be calculated monthly and paid out as of a value of 25 Euros (by bank transfer or Paypal). Smaller sums are taken on in the next month.

Of course the partner can online see the sales, as soon as this stands then also can one see the "former" statistics. We then will inform our partner about a password so that the statistics of one's own can be checked.

What do we need?
A short mail is enough with your address, the internet page and maybe the bank details or Paypal mail address for us for the registration. And of course still the so-called affiliate ID or partner ID. This ID should be not longer than 8 signs (letters and numbers). Every partner can choose his own ID for himself. For further details see below.

And so our partner program works:

The affiliate partner gets a clear name (the so-called affiliate ID). This ID should be 2-8 signs (letters and numbers). In our example we use:

If our partner wants to earn money over his side, this affiliate ID had to be installed into the link on our shop. It is no matter on which side you interlink. Here some examples:

Directly on our home page:

Every single item has a single item number which appears in every link.

A direkt link to Aghast view - Trendsetter CD (item number 33881):

Simply look for the item in our shop and installs the corresponding 5-digit item number into the link (code = XXXXX).

However, you can make also interesting other things with that!

Here is a link to all items which have to work with the band "Aghast view":

At names or words put together a "+" sign must be used instead of a blank in the "searcharg".

... or a link only to all items of Aghast view:

Another possibility for labels would be a so-called Keyword search. We can create a keyword for a certain group of items. So for example for the label "Accession". Through this link all itmes are listed with this Keyword:

If a certain Keyword should be missing, please simply writing a mail and we wanting to make it up as quickly as possible.

So! ... let's get started.

Here is a small choice of banners. Simply copy them and feel free to use them.