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Florence Foster Fan Club Everyday Theatre CD

Florence Foster Fan Club Everyday Theatre CD 157328
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Band/Artist Florence Foster Fan Club
Title Everyday Theatre
Format CD
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(11/09) Florence Foster Fan Club, or shorter, FFFC, released their first album Everyday Theatre for brazilian label Wave records. It is composed of tracks produced between 2006 and present.

Songs range from straightforward oldschool ebm to crisp electro pop with a dark twist.
They present a deeply personal, confessional world that intertwines with cold, analytic observations and sarcastic remarks.
It is a world where technology interacts with unknown voices from the ether.
The voices whisper to the ears of two band members, both composers, singers and lyricists. Nostalgia for the world that never happened is maybe the best description of the feeling that the album is based on.

However most of the tracks are energetic and rythmically tight and authors wanted them to function well on multiple levels.
Some are more dancefloor inclined, some atmospheric and slower, keeping the balance of the whole.
Influences from Belgian bands from 80`s with sweet darkwave touch in some tracks, you can feel good melodies and clear voices with great lyrics.

01 Digital Beauty
02 Market
03 Ataraxia
04 Weapon of Choice
05 Colour of Sunset
06 Keep the Moment
07 Taste of Stars
08 Examples of Behaviour
09 Nightshift
10 Message
11 Market (Recession Cable Bends Steel Remix)
12 Nightshift (Sci-Fi Moritz Remix)

Item 157328

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Item 157328